Deductive Reasoning

Deductive Reasoning
Each question consists of six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three statements. Choose the set in which the statement are most logically related.
1. A. cooks spoil the broth. B. all cooks are chefs. C. chefs are professionals. D. broth is unspoilt by cooks. E. some professionals are cooks. F. some chefs cannot make broth.
a. BCE b. DCE c. CDE d. ADF
2. A. P is suffering from anoxeria. B. anoxeria is when a women is obsessed with her weight. C. Q must have anoxeria. D. Best friend often know each other’s secret. E. P and Q are best friends. F. P is obessed with her weight.
a. AED b. AEF c. BAF d. DEC
3. A. Bill Clinton is the most powerful person in the world. B. Bill will induce India to sign CTBT. C. The US president is more powerful than anyone else in the world. D. Bill Clinton is the president of the US. E. Bill is in India on an official visit. F. talks include signing the CTBT, removal of trade tariff.
a. BEF b. CED c. CDA d. ACE
4. A. brands are priceless B. Kissan is a developed brand. C. Fair & Lovely is a brand. D. Kissan has leading share in Mumbai.
E. Fair&Lovely is priceless. F. Mumbai is a big market for developed brands.
a. ACE b. ABF c. ABD d. CDE
5. A. infosys is a leading company. B. Wipro thus has a high market cap. C. Leading companies have high market cap. D. Azim Premji is the second richest man in the world. E. Wipro has a zooming share price. F. Infosys has a high market cap.
a. ABD b. BDE c. AEF d. ACF
6. A. all birds are wings. B. Feathers keep the birds warm. C. wings are made of feathers. D. birds are fly. E. wings are fly. F. feathers have small holes in them.
a. DBC b. ABC c. CDE d. AED
7. A. economists are very well-read. B. Keynes is a noted economist. C. Amartya Sen is also an economist. D. the Nobel price was won by Amartya Sen. E. Economists are not philosophers. F. Keynes is not a philosopher.
a. DEF b. ABD c. BEF d. DCB
8. A. some fishes are whales. B. Solomon is a fish. C. All whales live in water. D. fish have nostrils. E. all whales have nostrils. F. some fishes live in water.
a. ACF b. ADE c. FBC d. EDB
9. A. Coca Cola has a market share of 70% in cola market. B. Frooti is a soft drink. C. Frooti is an adulterated drink. D. coca cola contains 1% preservative. E. Frooti contains preservative. F. some soft drinks contains preservative.
a. BEF b. CDE c. ABE d. BDA

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