Password Policy OF TCS

Your password should have
At least 8 characters and not more than 15 characters
Your password must include
At least one upper case character (A-Z)
At least one lower case character (a-z)
At least one number (0-9)
At least one special character out of these ( !, @, #, $, ^, &, *, ~ )
It should not contain single quotes ( ' ), double quotes ( " ) or space characters
Your password should not be
A word in any language or jargon
Based on personal information, names of family, etc.
Written down or stored on-line (including Palm Pilots or similar devices) without encryption.
Difficult to remember. You could create a password based on a song title, affirmation, or other phrase.[e.g., "myBlueShirt" or better "iWcMuPe4d!", which is short for: "I will change my password every 4 days!". (Now, don't use this one; start creating your own!)]
Don't reveal your password
Over the phone to anyone
In an email message
To your supervisor(s)/Training and Placement Officer
To family members and friends
To co-workers while on leave
In front of others
On questionnaires or security forms
With its format (e.g., "my family name")

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