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Since there are so many guys out here who join TCS every year. So I thought about writing this blog.This blog will give idea about what going to be the upcoming days are like if you have recently joined TCS or it is coming to your college. Every year like this will be like 2012-2013 this software giant is recruiting thousands of employees As a matter of fact the requirement of employee is increasing every year. TCS is currently the biggest software firm of Asia. It has outsmarted some of the prudent rivals like Infosys and Wipro in terms of market values and earnings. It clearly shows that there is something in this software giant especially about its marketing policy and I hope its something you should learn or at least look at with respect. So in spite of the meager salary you will have something to smile about.This blog is divided into five parts.
1. Interview in TCS
2. ASPIREand Pre-joining Formalities
3. Training at Trivandrum
4. Things leads to a good rating(No need to read, better experience this on your own)
5. TCS-As I see It

Interview at TCS:-TCS visited my college campus back in the September 2011. There was a great buzz in college campus as the expected figure for recruiting came to be 250. So every guy/girl from non-IT CS background was thinking whether to apply for or not. So if you are a non CS/IT guy/girl having the same pandemonium, I want to make few things clear. First, you will get a job security which really matters in these days. It will give you a good opportunity to try for off campus jobs with a peace of mind.  It gives you a stint of 2-3 months to prepare for all the alternate options before the training period and I have seen numerous guys making a good use of that. But once the training period starts it gradually becomes more difficult to do preparation for other exams. Besides all this, people see a lot of opportunity in software industry as there are numerous requirements and options. So one really don’t need to be a tech geek to make a good mark in IT service based companies.
So coming over with placement pandemonium, let me deal with some facts. In my college and during my time, the criteria for eligibility in TCS were: Eligible for written if you are above 60% through out.2. Direct eligible for PI if you are above 75% through out. Luckily I belonged to later one so I faced the interview directly. The interview was like 10-15 minutes.
1.Written: - The written exam was around 40 minutes in which there were questions mainly from quant section. The difficulty level was quite good. The question keeps repeating every year and is available in internet.
 2.Interview: - The interview was really very simple. I think a major emphasis is given on speaking skill, some basic knowledge of C++, Java and database. One should try to explain the concepts rather than just telling definition or writing programs; and remember the way one speaks matter too. A long list of hobbies which include reading newspaper, novels, solving SUDOKU, playing cricket, chess, writing dairy or anything interesting you can explain(defend) always help. These things act as a filler; both for you and the H.R. My experience:-After interview we were told results at night on the same day. 201 students were selected from my college campus and there was a state of “euphoria” in my entire college campus .After placement in September, my joining date was 23rd july2012, so it was like whole year. Now, It’s up to the person, how one can utilize this period. There is a saying that good time flies very easily and I have seen this happening in my final year. So my only suggestion:-Don’t go frivolous after placement.

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