What is process to salary growth in TCS?

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           TCS have every position hierarchy.   They following growth as per the rating.

In TCS have 2 type of Rating in Year..

1st Yearly Ratting After each year..
if you ratting(Band) -- A  -> 80-90 thousand Increment.
                                  B  -> 45 thousand increment
                                  c   ->  30 thousand Increment
                                  D   -> 10 thousand Increment
                                   E   -> many negative  Or NON OR LayOff

2nd is Half Yearly ratting..
                            This ratting is Giving Every 6 th month.
                                            A. In Mach of each Year
                                             B. In September of Each Month    
This ratting Also Affected in ratting in TCS...  

         Ratting is Given By Supervisor.

Initial salary in TCS
Salary Increment in TCS.

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