Initial Learning Programme.1st 6days

The first sixty working days are the part of ILP – Initial Learning Programme. It brushes up all the technologies you have learnt in your B.Tech. One HR person told, that this is the honeymoon period in TCS. So far it has been so good.
The first day we got our employee ids’. The documents were checked. Make sure, you have the documents , especially the service agreement and the non criminal affidavit ready.
Here employees are not employees, they are “associates“, and the backbone of the Tatas’ is its set of values, which screams out “TEAM WORK“.  Our learning group (class) has 2 leads –  Ms Chinmoyee Kundu ( Tech-lead ) and Mrs Suchitra Mukherjee ( Bizz skill lead).
ILP is fun. Its learning, and doing activities . We have no online exams. Each module ends with a “Final diagnostics”, which is viva and presentation. Few handpicked associates have to appear for the telephonic viva from Thiruvananthapuram.
The ILP begun with a PreAssessmentTest (PAT) and shall end with a Post Assessment as well. Although many associates say – “Dont need to prepare for PAT, it doesnot count”, I would suggest if you are from a non-CS (nCS) background – make it a point to prepare for it. If you read one hour a day, you will stay in practice (of studying), and will get the computing concepts… because the ILP is just brushing up. Dont expect  the kind of tutorials we had had in school or colleges.
Here grades are given.. LL0 means- “dude, arise awake and stop not till you go to RL1! ” , LL1 means – Learning Level 1, the next higher grade is RL1, means Ready Level 1, and the highest grade is RL2.
The final feedback to the HR’s will be sent by the respective leads in your learning group, based on your performance in diagnostics, assignment and activity in the learning group.  Know this much, too much insight to the future can be harmful!

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