Food Facility in Trivandrum

Here I m going to give you all a brief idea where you can avail food at negotiable and easily consumable.
1)Food Court available in TEJASWANI building near CLC .Those who wil l gettheir training in CLC has a better option going there.You will find DOMINO’s,Khana Khazana,  SUBWAY etc where you can have food of ur choice.
2)There are two canteens of TCS in both building and foods are available at reasonable price but I cant say you will like it.Eating there was no option case for me.
3)People who get their hotels in  Kulathoor region,you have SP Bakery which will save ur life .Maggy,cakes,omlet etc are available.  
4)Outside TCS Peepul Park, u will find ARYAAS where you can eat all types of food.
5)DELHI DARBAR is also a very good option which you will find outside TCS. It is inside a lane you will have to ask people outside TCS Peepul Park.But I know you will surely find it.

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