Even though all my posts have covered every FAQ a new ILP Trainee might
ask, I’ve decided to make a post out of it, so that anyone can access this
easily! If I have missed any FAQ, feel free to comment and ask a question.

1. Do I really need to study for PAT?
Ans: Nopes. Not really. All facts about PAT aren’t true. It’s just a formality.
Your stream allocation and posting depends on the availability and
requirements. Chill!! You’re in ILP to learn those stuff!

2. What about Aspire?
Ans: Aspire seems boring as you have to fill in feedback and take quizzes but
it is recommended that you study the topics in Aspire thoroughly Or take
tuitions and courses to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge. You’re
in ILP for learning but this will be faster than most of you can handle! (Esp.
non-CS, non-IT) If you know one language, you’ll easily learn the others

3. Is it true that girls get their first preference of location?

Ans: No, TCS expects you to be flexible. You might get your posting
anywhere! If you’re lucky, you’ll get your first preference.

4. How do I get my ILP rating?
Ans: The rating scale is from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). Maximum people get
3. People with extraordinarily outstanding performance (no exaggeration )
get 5. This is rare. Your ILP rating is shared with you on the second last or
last day of ILP. The rating is based on your technical performance, team
skills, communication skills etc . Only whole numbers are there, so you might
not be in a position to argue with a person who’s less competent than you
and has a rating of 3. Pro-activeness, consistent good performance, usage
of extra functionality, extra effort, good team handling increases your
chances of getting a 4. In the end, it all depends on your leads. Never feel
bad if you deserved a 4 and got 3. That is not the end of it! When you get a
project, you’ll again be rated. This time, you’ll have decimals.

5. What is ‘Remedial’ and what if I’m in it?
Ans: Remedial package is for those people who are identified as weak
performers or need extra help. It is conducted for every new thing that you
learn. Stream owners often conduct vivas and written tests to identify them.
You’ll have to come early, solve assignments, go through vivas and take
tests. Believe me, I’ve heard my batch mates in Remedial say that they’ve
actually learned something there!! It’s just ‘learning through pressure’.
Remedial isn’t something bad. You just have to cope up with it!

6. What is LAAP?

Ans: Okay, I don’t really remember the full form of this but this is something
really bad! People are put into LAAP when they can’t clear Remedials on
the 55th day and stream owner reviews/ exit interviews before the release.
It is an additional 15 days effort that you have to give in to prove that you
are ready to be deployed for a project. Otherwise, you have to see the HR! 

7. On what basis is my performance evaluated?
Ans: Your performance is evaluated on a day to day basis. This means, you’ll
be continuously monitored by your tech lead and biz. skill lead to see if you
are following TCS values, dress code, able to grasp what is being taught,
active in answering (or at least trying) to answer questions, asking
questions, having consistent performance in diagnostics, using innovative
ideas or extra functionality in assignments/project, helping your team
members or pair with their work (team skills) etc .

8. What after ILP?
Ans: It is totally dependent on your base branch whether you will get
projects ASAP or will have to wait for months. If the idea of sitting idle
bothers you (commonly known as Bench), it’s wise to know which places are
getting the most number of projects by visiting the TCS site, asking trainees
who’ve already joined/completed ILP and then fill up your location preference.
It is highly likely that you will get that location as the demands are high.

9. What if I have to sit idle after going to the base branch?
Ans: If your base branch has no projects, it’s natural to get disappointed.
But, that’s the truth. Instead of lamenting and wasting time, revise what you
have studied during ILP, put them into use, learn new Frameworks like Strutts
2, AJAX, Hibernate, JPA etc By the time you get a project, you’ll be
proficient in multiple technologies! If you haven’t done a certification
before ILP, you can still do that during this time!

10. What type of Projects will be there and how will I get allocated?
Ans: You will be allocated to projects after you report to your base branch
(where you’ll be posted) after completing your ILP. You will get projects
according to your ISU or domain (ie. Banking and Financial Services, Telecom,
Insurance etc .). You will get to know your ISU during your ILP. Availability of
projects depend on where you’re posted and the requirements. There might
be a few months bench period where you’ll be sitting idle (with salary) but
that again depends on the projects in your ISU. 4-pointers or toppers in ILP
get allocated first, then the rest! You also have to appear for interviews
to get selected, in some cases!

11. I’m interested in Development so will I get Development Projects?
Ans: TCS is a support-based company, which means that you’ll be working in
the Maintenance or Change Request (CR) phase of the project most of the
time. As freshers, you cannot expect to get into development. You’ll get a
development project if you’re lucky! There’s no need to get disappointed as
your salary increment and rating will be decided by your performance and not
the type of project you work in!

12. Shall I say “Yes” to a project in UNIX if I am from JAVA stream?
Ans: Do not expect to get JAVA projects just coz you had JAVA Stream in
ILP. It might be the case that your base branch gets projects in otheropen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.com
technologies. If you get a Mainframe/Dot Net/Unix project, you’ll be
expected to learn it in a few weeks and get prepared. Never refuse a project,
especially if you have just completed ILP. Every project is equally good  and
will contribute to your experience.

13. What should be my expectations as a fresher in TCS?
Ans: There are many answers to this question. Ask yourself: Is software your
passion and you want to be in TCS and learn things for a few
years…..OR…..you’re aspiring for higher studies and TCS is just a stepping
stone for you! As a fresher, you have to be flexible and keep your
expectations low. Remember that you have to gain some experience!

14. Will certifications help and how?
Ans: Of course, it will! Take your choicest programming language and get a
certification. Certifications not only help you get the stream of your choice
but also help you get into projects easily after ILP.
DOT NET– Many certifications are there from Microsoft. 
C++ — Unfortunately, there aren’t many or any available! But, if you like
C++, learn it thoroughly. Since C++ is taught with UNIX, you can also get a UNIX certification. Just do some research on the net.

15. Can I take a leave during ILP?
Ans: Unless you are sick or have a medical/ personal emergency at home
that requires your attention, you won’t be allowed to take leaves. One or
two days is the max you should take, if taking casual leaves during ILP. You’ll
miss classes and sessions and that won’t be good if you are a weak student.
If you can manage it in the weekend, then that is fine. Sit with your family
and try to plan events and weddings before or after ILP. If you take leaves
during ILP, you’ll be placed in another batch to complete your training. That
means, extra time. So, think about it!

Enjoy ILP. Post your questions in comments.

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