Leaves between JOB in TCS

 I want to talk about your leaves which you can take during your JOB not in TRAINING.

During training period in ILP ,you can take max 2 leave.  

You will have 16 day earned leave, 7 casual leave, 10 day sick leave in a year. So, I think that it is very good for you. You have too max leave of continuous 5 day is allowed in per quarter i.e. in 3 months...

Now, after completion of one year in TCS...You can take leave up to one year continuous but without pay... But you will continue as an employee after one year... But it is good that you use it in case of emergency...They won’t throw you out...

See Holiday List Of Provided By TCS


  1. what abt the leaves during training? If we have some family function to attend will we get leave during ILP ?