Experience Day 1 at Hyderabad ..

TCS Day 1 experience :
Early in the morning got up by 6 am. Started to Q city by 7:15 from CSR Resindency(accommodation provided by TCS 1km away).At the main gate the security asked to show JL+one original Id proof.Let me in.From the gate u need to go straight to block B1( dont go to right side its other block).After I reached B1 entrance went to the lift n floor 7.There u see a long queue where again u need to show JL+ID proof. After u enter in u should hand over any pendrives to the security and get u bags checked on the right.Now you enter the actual TCS block which would releive and mesmerize u.then they give you a temporary Id on filling a form. After that you should enter the auditorium.

In the auditorium after every one is seated HR Sarah Prathiba welcomes u with a short note. Then you would be handed over a non- confidential certificate with 2 booklets. After which the HEAD of ILP HYD Mr.Aravind addresses you n guides you about the ILP proceedings n pattern.Meanwhile you may get a 10 min.break.Soon the Admin team precides n destributes your Employee IDs( if you have uploaded the photo in campuscommune the IDs will be given else u would be sent to photo session so that u get your ID the next day) and HR team guides you on how to fill the given non- confidential affidavit. Thereafter starts your verification of Original documents. Even though they say that it would begin shortly most of the times it is delayed n u would get time to arrange your docs on shown on projector. Meanwhile a lunch break. Then again continuation of the verification is done based on the serial no.s that they allot you at that point of time.It took almost from 2 30 pm till nyt 9 30pm to verify originals of 355 joinees. The originals you need are:
1.Service agreement
2.surety form+ income proof+ pan card GO attested copy
3. NCA
4.NON-Confidential certificate
5.passport copy GO attested (or appointment letter)
6.medical certificate
7.Academic certificates all( 10th, 12th, all semester grade sheets,course completion or provisional [*if your sem 8 results are out atleast bring a copy of print out *])
8.NSR atleast you must have completed Phase 1.
It took me 9pm to complete my verification.I think almost i have covered every imp event. You can have coffeday coffees n budget means within Q city to energise yourselves.Hope you get ready for the Big day with all the docs.All the best :):)

Experience Shared by     -- Chandra Shekar Reddy Yelety