Experience and ilp info at ILP AHMADABAD

1. Ira 1 and 2 are conducted on immediate monday considering the date of joining.
2. Hostel for boys is okay. Not bad.. Tv will be provided for each flat. Geyser in every bathroom. Sofa set and beds also
House keeping will be cleaning your flat every 2 days and will change bedsheets
Wherever you go, u have to be in thhe hostel before 10pm.
3. Carroms, table tennis are available.. 4 tables for tt.
4. Food eatable.. Not too good. Not too bad. Okay okay types.. Wont be spicy wont be sweet.
5. Must follow all the rules but it isnt tooo strict like schools or jails. Dressing according to rules and shaving daily is a must.
6. Ira 1 me 40 questions will be there.. 1 mark for each question. Cut off is around 55-60%. If u read aspire once u'll answer most of the questions by seeing options. Basic things in aspire.
7. Places tho there arent too many but akshardham is nearby where u can see laser show and water show kinda things. Once u join ilp, ppl in your class will start planning for daman and diu, and mt. Abu.
Ira 2 they will just conduct. U'll get results for both the exams there itself.. Ira 2, they wont bother u much. I guess that counts at last in our ilp rating.
Normally there will be two phases in ilp each of 1 and half months. 1st is training and 2nd is project. If your stream needs a project, then after 1 and half month, u'll be shifted to garima park campus. If ur stream ddoesnt need project for completion of ilp, u'll be there at ilp center for the entire three months.
TIE is compulsory on Wednesday.
Food in the hostel costs you 50 bucks where u will have at most 3 curries including daal, unlimited Rotis and unlimited rice. This is fine.
U can get food below the hostel where most ppl prefer to eat. Costs around 60 bucks. A bit more tasty.
Lunch at office and dinner in hostel are both managed by same ppl.. So it would prettymuch be the same. I've heard garima park's food is a bit good.
Office ke paas me there's infocity wer u can get most of the stuff u want.
No alcohol and chicken is a bit less available here.. Have to search for places if u need nonveg.
I joined ilp ahmd on sept 1st. Though i don't know much, I've tried to answer questions to the extent i know.
Absolutely no questions from know your tcs and biz skills.
U'll have speaking and writing assessments/ diagnostics after ira. If you have a low rating, u'll be put into a remedial where you will be given regular assignments after work.
Same is the thing for technical.
U'll have diagnostics for techincals too.. If you fail in those u'll be put into remedials.
For ppl who are in remedial, exams are conducted on 55th day in ilp. If u cant clear that, u'll be put into LAP. LAP means extra 15 days of training.
distance between hostel and ILP centre is around 3 kms but bus is provided in the morning from 7:30 to 8:15 for info tower 3 which you all have to catch on the first day. After that you will be either allocated to info tower or garima park office which you will be informed about on the second day. depending on that your bus timing might change.
Sargasan road near infocity is the landmark. People mostly dont know madhuram greens, which is on sargasan road.

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  1. Is it compulsory to clear tech lounge or completion is just enough to join ilp ?
    what about assignments ?
    Do they provide any internet facility in the hostel ?