1) DO NOT bring electrical appliances (except laptop and phone charger) to the hostel if it is not allowed! If you can manage to go past the luggage X-Ray (it’s there in many places), then you’re fine! Just don’t have it lying around on your desk! Wash your clothes and avail the laundry services!
2) DO NOT take food items to your rooms if it is not allowed. There’s a separate room for keeping your food. You can also sneak past the guard and bring some food into your room! Don’t get caught!
3) DO NOT cross hostel timings if your hostel has rules about being closed at a certain time. If you are late, you better have a valid reason. If you are going to be late or won’t come back for the night, let the hostel authorities know that. If your hostel has rules about ‘can’t stay outside after 10 or overnight’, follow it! Exception is that, a group of people go for a tour somewhere!
4) DO NOT DRINK or come back drunk! There have been cases everywhere! For both girls and guys! Give it a rest for these 3 months. If you have to drink, be in control OR stay outside for the night at some hotel and return early in the morning with some excuse. Such actions will not only make your reputation bad but can also get your job terminated. You wouldn’t want your parents to know that now, would you?
5) Girls, please DO NOT wear skimpy clothes and go out, especially if the place isn’t safe or it isn’t very modernized. You don’t want to draw any unwanted attention or comments. DO NOT venture out alone after dark, on your own. Be with a group with at least one guy in it. Even if that means, you want to have dinner outside! Guys, please accompany them whenever needed!
6) DO NOT miss the TCS bus, if your hostel is far away from the office. Know the bus timings and be punctual! If you miss it, it’s up to you to reach office on time!
7) DO NOT behave rudely with the hostel authorities, guards or maids! You’re gone if they report you! If you are facing a problem, talk to the hostel authorities and do something about it. If the problem is not solved, contact your ILP center’s accommodation administrator!

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