1. A birth certificate is a mandatory document.

2. Birth certificate issued by the concerned government authorities will be accepted.

3. The class X and/or XII mark sheets or certificates from the hospital/community and nativity certificate will not suffice.

4. In case you do not possess a birth certificate containing your name, date of birth and place of birth, you are needed to obtain an affidavit on a `100 stamp paper signed by a notary with these details. Since this is a temporary arrangement, you will be required to furnish the birth certificate before the completion of ILP.

5. The format for BC AFFIDAVIT is der in the file section of dis group.

6. If the Birth Certificate does not contain the name, you will have to get the birth certificate revised from the concerned authority.

7. the birth date mentioned in the birth certificate has to be matched with the birth date mentioned in other documents like ssc, passport, pan card, etc

8. if ur birth certificate is not in English, den You will have to translate the certificate in English and make an affidavit of the English document. However both the documents, that is, the original birth certificate (non English) and the affidavit have to be submitted.
9. birth certificate in dual format (English+other language ) is accepted. if not then make below given on rs 100 stamp

9. Take Format of affidavit Click Here 

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  1. Is Birth certificate affidavit be printed on 100rs stamp pls reply ASAP.

  2. i have 10rs affidavit of BC , will it be accepted in tcs?

  3. my BC is in bengali...i have to translate it? or i can make a new BC in english or an affidavit will do?

  4. hey my name is not mentioned in birth certi bt DOB,Place and my parents name is mentioned so do i need to make my birth certi again??

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  6. In UP Government the birth certificate issued before 2000 is without name and only in Hindi language so when I approached they they will not issue , what I have to do . give me suggestion

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    Very nice article. We loved it so much.
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  8. My BC is in my native language. For translation what affadivit sample should I follw

  9. After 15yrs they will not mention name in the birth certificate. But i have got an endorsement from the municipal commissioner about it.What should i do?

  10. What if spelling of candidate name is wrong in birth certificate??

  11. my birth certificate is in dual language(english+marathi) but my name on that certificate is in this acceptable??

  12. my birth certificate contains my nickname. I have all the affidavits while I changed my name at the time of admission to my school and all my documents contain my original name. Then what I have to do?