What are the salaries and roles of a TCS employee over years?

As many have pointed salary is not dependent on role, its actually on designation + it depends on the Bands you get over the years.
I would to like one more point that it also depends on how your Band has improved or not. For e.g, A Person got ‘B’ Band in first year and then ‘C’ in 2nd year will have a chance that his/her hike % will be less when compared to someone who got ‘C’ in both the years because the former’s performance deteriorated and later’s was constant.
Keeping all the these things in mind let me give you the figures/range saying that every year you got ‘B’ Band. (If you perform more than average, you should get that)
Let’s say you joined after your college in NOVEMBER 2016. Initial salary offered is 3.16 lacs and designation as Assistant System Engg-Trainee(ASE-T).
  1. So, 1st year NOVEMBER 2017,1st Anniversary(Feeling excited?!),ASEASE, (before this you won’t have any hike & Anniversary hike will be on the basis of ratings): You got ‘4’ rating. CTC revised to 3.53 lacs. [Bhai apna salary badh gaya..Daruuuuu…(Bro,Salary increased..Partyyyy!!!)]
  2. March 2018,ASE : You got ‘B’ Band. CTC revised to 3.93 lacs.[Bhai itni jaldi dubara v badh gaya..BABA(We got hike again..WOW..weed -_- -_- !!!)]
  3. 2nd year, NOVEMBER 2018,2nd Anniversary,SESE(System Engg)[Promotion!! YEAH000!!]: CTC revised to 4.32 lacs.
  4. March 2019,SESE: You got ‘B’ Band. CTC revised to 4.69 lacs.
    Why does this salary even increase? :-x :-x :-@]
  5. November 2019..NO CHANGE...every NOV u wont get hike :-D [Sorry to hurt the feelings :-p ]
  6. March 2020,SESE: You got ‘B’ Band. CTC revised to 5.10 lacs.
    I cant survive on this Now!]
  7. November 2020,ITAITA: [If you are lucky & hard-working..Please note the word ‘lucky’ comes first; you will get promoted at the correct time. Otherwise expect it to get delayed by Quarter(s)] CTC revised to 6.6 lacs.[Finallly,kuch to faydaa hua wafadaari ka.. (Finally..I received something for showing loyality)]
  8. March 2021..You got ‘B’ Band. CTC revised to 7.1 lacs.
    How can you still be here :-o]
  9. March 2022..You got ‘B’ Band. CTC revised to 7.7 lacs.
    Hats off to your determination]
  10. March 2023..You got ‘B’ Band. CTC revised to 8.4 lacs.
    Hats off -Part 2..continued....]
  11. March 2024..You got ‘B’ Band. CTC revised to 9.2 lacs.
    Hats off Part 3..]
  12. November 2024..AST(AssistantConsultant)AST(AssistantConsultant). CTC revised to 10.6 lacs[Falling short of words]
  13. November 2027..ASC(AssociateConsultant)ASC(AssociateConsultant). CTC revised to 16.5 lacs
    You are the man. You survived with peanuts. You are true TCSer]
  14. November 2030.Con(Consultant)Con(Consultant). CTC revised to 20 lacs
    Its time for you to be rewarded for sticking]
  15. Senior Consultant.. I can only feel amazed at how you still survived at one place for this long.
  16. Principal Consultant..You are something!
  17. Vice President..Just one ladder up.(Slow claps)
  18. CEO.. Only N.Chandrasekaran can answer... how much he draws sitting at this designation.
I could make only till step 4 :(
After Step 7..I can only say that I predicted that with normal growth trends I have seen/known with/via others or some websites. I do not endorse as I have not lived it.
So you can see that..its not that looooongggg to be on top. Plus the added benefit of you getting paid some seriously low figures. You can always say to some friend feeling morally low..chorr na yaar mere se kam to ni hi hoga tera :-D
But cribbing apart, No other company I know that can give you job security like TCS :-) I repeat no other company. UNTIL N UNLESS YOU BREACH THE TATA CODE OF CONDUCT.

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