TCS After ILP Process to Wotk in TCS

Hello juniors.After completing your ILP you are required to meet your respective IOU/ISU RMG(Resource Management Group) in your base location.Then RMG will ask you to attend project interview.Basically projects are of three types
---Development and Maintanance
Developement and Maintance projects involve lot of coding.Most of the projects were already developed.You need to add or modify new functionalities based on requirements.
Support projects invovle regular interaction with clients,fix minor issues and analyse the results.Generally Support projects have night shifts.
Manual testing is simple testing wherer test cases are provided to you and you need to check whether the application satisfyies test cases or not.These projects are taken if you are
Automatic testing requies to work on testing tools.It involves some coding like Development projects.
-----What ever project you join remeber that learning should be your only goal.You should learn rather than work.Learn about complete application,maintain good relationship with other associates and manager,writing effective mails and creating good presentation.
----Revise your ILP content before attending project interview.
----Ask the details of project during project interview like type of project,timings,location,whether onsite opportunities are present or not etc..
----You can reject project if you did not like but it is not recommended as you may end with bad project than the previous.Better take your first project only
---Rejecting projects can lead to tranfer of location also as RMG will be in trouble if more people under them are in bench without projects
----After you join project and if you find difficult to survive then you can come back to RMG and request for a new project

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  1. Hi, m a maths graduate got joining for ilp @trivandrum in YG grade 17sept . m nt clear bout

    My ilp training duration
    Salary after training

    job profile

    Please reply asap