Dont’s in ILP….

Everyone speaks for both DO’s and DONT’s in ILP. But i from my personal experience would like to share things that you should never think to do in ILP.
1)There are MTM-Meet the mentor session arranged for every TVM batch.There will be mainly 4 such sessions.An experience personality will be called to enlighten newly joined freshers.Never ever in ur wildest dreams do think to miss any one of these.It may be you go for one and attendance was not taken. Then you may assume that its not necessary to attend those.But I just tell u never do this.This will be you greatest mistake in your life.I had committed and as a result my and some of my friends-our ILP was extended for two days.And I just tell you ,these two days you will regret every moment that why you missed that MTM session.I had went through that pain and cant tell you I thought I would never be able to get release from ILP,Trivandrum.
2)Never be late for any session.Just be 5 min  before the faculty comes.
3)Especially for non-CS,if you have a misconception that its an easy go here.Then Please take out this misconception.I have literally seen people struggling for not getting into remedial.If you could not clear all remedial,your ILP will be extended for 15 days.So try to study something and then come here.

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