what is actual ILP Tranning

Hi people.
Congrats to those who got joining letter, and congrats to the people who have actually completed their ILPs.
I will make a point here. I know most of you will not endorse my point of view and abuse me, but I just want some people to know the reality.
ILP is a virtually conducted training session in which a candidate is supposed to read PDFs and watch videos without the assistance of a faculty. There is absolutely no organized structure during the training of a company, which boasts itself of being the NO.1 IT company in Asia. I am in ILP currently, and regret joining TCS. Most of us get attracted by TATA brand in itself, but not many of us know the reality actually. We , at ILP, experience randomness everyday, just like random distribution of JLs. One is supposed to learn new things during training, but trust me I (rather most of the people in my batch) have same amount of knowledge as they had in their engg.days. TCS says that virtual learning is conducted globally, but my point is this so-called virtual learning is doing no good. We are just numbers for TCS. We are taught some of the most idiotic work(By taught I mean watching videos)eg: a plain shirt is to be worn with a striped tie. There is absolutely nothing which one can learn here. We are simply numbers for them so that they get to boast about bench strength. The city where I am currently being "trained" has around 3k people on bench.
Why am I writing?
Well I just want new joinees to reconsider their decisions, evaluate other options. I didn't have options, I ruined my life, I don't want others to do the same.
if u guys have some other options, please go for it.
Yea!! u can abuse me as much as u want.

Submitted by : Robbin Sharma

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