Latest ILP IRA Experienced...

Information about ILP (questions that were asked in IRA and some facts) started at Ahmadabad on 10th Nov...!!
1. Out of 218 candidates, only one was rescheduled on basis of score but HR gave some extensions to that unsuccessful candidate & it's under process
2. There is no need to worry about food, the food in canteen and on the stalls outside the office is good. P.S. it's not costly and you can have a number of varieties.
3. ILP Ahmadabad is very restrict about rules and documents, so better to avoid the things that are log allowed inside the office or flat. 2 female candidates were warned about termination as they brought some electrical equipment in flat.
4. Better to have atleast 5 trousers and 5 shirt because you wont get time to wash them and iron them & yes... you have to loose your pocket to get irond your clothes.
and finally here are some questions, that were asked in IRA 1....!!
- What is RAM?
-How many bits are there in a BYTE?
- which data type can holds the largest integer?
- who has authority and responsibility to access the blueprint of database?
-what is a primitive data type?
-how an array is initialized?
- how many phases are there in problem solving?
-what happens if there is no proper planning to solve a problem?
-a machine can be used to solve a problem by?
-what is automation?
-peripherals of computer are....? etc. etc.
and DBMS+ PROGRAMMING modules are very important to clear the IRA1.

Information Given By : Abhimanyu Sharma

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